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rock products

Screened Sand Used for drainage, soil mixes, and great for pavers. $38
Crushed Rock - 3/8" minus (aka 1/4" minus) Perfect for under pavers and flagstone. Also works great for pathways if you want to walk bare foot. $40
Crushed Rock - 5/8" minus Compactable base material used for driveways and pathways. $40
Crushed Rock - 5/8" chips Decorative base material used for driveways and pathways. $40
Crushed Rock - 1-1/4" minus & chips Rock screened to 1 1/4". Has fines in it. Used as a sub base for driveways and parking areas. $40
Crushed Rock - 2"-4" Can be used for construction entrances, wet travel areas and as a base layer for roads. $40
Pea gravel For drainage. Will not set up (compact). $40
Washed Rock - 7/8", 1-1/2" For drainage or decorative landscape. $40
Cobble 2"-8" mixed round washed rock. Perfect for landscaping and dry stream beds. $40
Decorative pebbles Assorted sizes, 1/2-1”, 1-2”, 2-3”, in polished black, flat black, buff & mixed. $45 bag
One/Two Man Rockery Rock Can be used for building rockeries and/or retaining walls. $70



Topsoil - Premium Turf Mix (2-way organic mix) Organic. 50% compost and sand mixed equal parts by weight for seeding and reseeding lawns. $40
Topsoil - GardenBlenz (3-way organic mix) Organic dark loam mixed with sand and compost then screened through a 3/8” screener. Great for general landscaping, plants, trees, shrubs, vegetable gardens, raised beds and sod. $40
Topsoil - Bio Retention Mix   $44
Moo Doo Organic Compost Ideal for soil amending and mulching. Improves the soil by adding organic matter, nutrients and trace minerals. Is made locally from garden pruning, food scraps, & vegetable trimmings and is safe around pets and children. $44
Med/Fine Red Bark Great as a top dressing for all landscaping needs. $36
Black Bark The dark color highlights the plants above it. Maintains its rich, black color longer than other mulches. $38
Fertil-Mulch® Dark coffee color and texture. Used as a top dressing it helps to suppress weeds and retain moisture. You may also use it to amend your soil. $38
Lenz Mulch Combined compost with an aged bark to come up with a high quality product made exclusively for mulching/top dressing beds. $40
Cedar Play Chips Great for playgrounds and dog runs. $44


While every effort is made to keep our website current, our prices are subject to change without notice. We work hard to provide the most accurate photographs of our products, however products do change in the course of the season.
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